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Dear Food Venders,
During the weekend of July 1st - July 4th, Mount Morris, IL will be celebrating the Village’s annual: LET FREEDOM RING FESTIVAL.

A committee of volunteers has been working diligently planning another celebration aimed at a variety of entertainment with emphasis on family participation and fun for the community. This year will mark the 53rd Anniversary of the “Let Freedom Ring Festival” celebration. We invite you to be part of our festival as a food vendor featuring your products. We are not looking for duplication of product but rather the uniqueness of your products.

The Vendor area will be open July 2nd through July 3rd.
Exhibits are expected to be open from 11:30am to 9:00pm each day except for July 1st which will be from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. and July 4th which will be from 11:00am to 8:00pm
If you would like to open earlier or remain open longer than scheduled you may.
Exhibit setup time will be on Thursday, July 1st from 10:00am until 6:00pm or Friday, July 1st from 12:00pm until 4:00pm.

Each site will be 15’X 20’ (This includes trailer tongues and side awnings, plus at least one foot at each end). If additional space is required, an additional site must be purchased. Sites will be assigned in the order they are received with your check and registration form. The sites will be located at the South side of the Campus in downtown Mt. Morris.

The fee for a 15’ x 20’ site costs $150.00 (to be paid prior to set up) or 10% of sales (to be paid at the conclusion of the festival.)
Final day for registration will be June 24th.

LET FREEDOM RING (LFR) – Policies and Procedures for Exhibitors
The LFR Festival Committee adopted the P&P for Exhibitors on January 2007.


  • It shall be the responsibility of the vendor to obtain a food permit from the Ogle County Health Department (OCHD) 815-732-7330. A copy of the permit will be given to the LFR Committee prior to setting up.
  • Vendors shall obtain and follow the Health and Sanitation rules from the OCHD.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for their own tables, chairs, displays, etc
  • Serving tables are required to have skirting or tablecloths to the ground.
  • Plan your exhibit to fit your allotted space.
  • Submit a description of products with registration.
  • Exhibitors may not share space or substitute products.
  • No alcoholic beverages area allowed in the area.
  • The vendor is responsible for all staff for their stand.
  • All merchandise purchases are the responsibility of the vendor.
  • Refrigeration will be the responsibility of the vendor.
  • All ice will be purchased from the LFR Pepsi booth.
  • Open flame cooking under tents is strictly prohibited.
  • If cooking on site, each vendor shall have a minimum of one (1) ABC type fire extinguisher that is readily accessible.
  • All electrical and water connections shall be approved by LFR and may be disconnected or terminated at any time the potential exists for an unsafe condition.
  • It is the vendor’s responsibility to provide any needed drop cords and/or plugs. No wiring will be allowed into the box. For plug style please contact LFR Chairman.
  • **LFR has a contract with PEPSI – pop may only be sold when the PEPSI booth is NOT OPEN

General Rules and Regulations
LFR shall not be responsible for any injury or loss that may arise or come to the exhibitor, his employees, or representatives of his goods for any cause whatsoever while at the festival. The exhibitor agrees that he will hold LFR, its officers, directors, and agents, harmless against and in respect to any and all damage, loss, liability, cost or expenses including but not limited to reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs resulting or arising from or incurred in connection with the exhibitor, his employees, officers, representatives or any of his agents’ participation in the festival. The exhibitor agrees at his own expense to defend and protect LFR against any and all such claims and demands. In addition, the exhibitor agrees that LFR will not be responsible for accidents, fire, Theft, breakage, or any other accident incurred by the exhibitor at any time including time to set up and dismantle the exhibitor’s displays and products and that LFR shall be released from and all such liabilities and responsibilities.

Sales Tax
The Illinois Department of Revenue requires that all appropriate sales taxes be paid. All sales taxes and forms are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.

Right of Refusal:
The Exhibitors Committee of LFR reserves the right to refuse to contract booth space to any exhibitor who does not meet the criteria set for the in these policies or who knowingly violates the policies and procedures governing the festival operations. The Exhibitor Committee also reserves the right to remove or order the removal of items which are displayed or offered for sale which, in the opinion of the Committee or its designated representative, are inappropriate or are not in compliance with the festival guidelines. (ie: Remember this is a family event.)

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